Taking on Big Soda: Lessons learned – and a new Research Watch


Summer is heating up, and soon the campaigns for sugary drinks taxes will be, too – in as many as five places. In this issue, we break down the messages and strategies that worked for Philadelphia, and how the movement may have evolved to withstand Big Soda's big money. Our latest Research Watch digs into the science behind the headlines on sugar. And we note a big difference in how Coke is marketing in the UK, now that a national tax is in the offing.


How Philly passed a tax on sugary drinks


What can other cities can learn from Philadelphia's success in passing the first big-city sweetened drinks tax? Our Executive Director Jim Krieger has the scoop on how the political path, timing and framing are key factors. Read More.


Philly mayor’s messaging was key to soda tax success


We followed Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney's framing of soda tax issue and his consistent use of messages throughout the campaign. As a handy reference, we put together some of his best lines for you. Read More.


Why Big Soda's big money may no longer be enough


Philadelphia's children and their crayons were able to best Big Soda and its big bucks. Two decades after soda taxes were first proposed, have we have reached a turning point? Read More.

Research Watch 6

New in Research Watch: Growing diet disparities and a look at research bias


How big is the nutrition gap between the poor and the better-off? What happens when Big Soda funds research on nutrition? Find out in this month's Research Watch.

Big Win

While Coke pushes sugary drinks in US, it bets on Zero Sugar in UK


Can you spot the big difference in these Coke ads from the US and the UK? We look at why the US version is so sugary. Read more.

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