Momentum growing for soda tax campaigns, and encouraging news on warning labels


With Labor Day behind us, momentum is growing toward the November election, when four soda tax measures will be decided. As we track those developments we also are preparing new initiatives for next year to keep the drive to knock sugar back to healthy levels in full swing.

Meanwhile, read on to catch up on the rapidly developing campaign news and learn about exciting new research showing that safety warnings on sugary drinks reduce teens’ intent to purchase them.

This Week's Campaign News

Soda tax campaigns in full swing, with developments coming fast

Ed Lee

The soda industry tried – and failed – to use legal action to stop voters from having their say on sugary drink taxes. But in less than nine weeks, voters will have their say in San Francisco, Oakland, Albany and Boulder, and key endorsements are pouring in. Read more.

Study: Warning labels may steer teens away from sugary drinks

Warning Labels

HFA Executive Director Jim Krieger comments on research published today on warning labels and teens, which joins a New Zealand study published last week with related findings. "This is the third study indicating that warning labels on sugary drinks can reduce the intention to purchase a sugary drink.” Read more.

Soda-tax benefits far outweigh the modest grants Big Soda makes to prevent them


There are stark differences between what the money from a soda tax can do for a community compared to how little can be eked out of Big Soda’s grants. As word spreads about what is happening in Berkeley and Philadelphia with the revenue, more cities will look to replicate that kind of success for the children in their communities. Read more.

New in Research Watch: Berkeley sugary drink tax impact, candy purchases, and added sugar

Research Watch

Did Berkley’s tax on sugary drinks change habits? How do purchases of candy and sugary drinks vary by race and ethnicity? How has added sugar consumption changed over time? Find out in this month's Research Watch.

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