Healthy Food America Celebrates Cook County Court Victory Over Big Soda

Following today’s court decision upholding the recently adopted tax on sugary drinks in Cook County, Dr. Jim Krieger, Executive Director of Healthy Food America, stated that:

“Today’s court ruling upholding the Cook County tax on sugary drinks is a big victory for improving public health and a stinging rebuke to the soda industry. Despite throwing its money around and spreading misinformation, the soda industry continues to lose in court and in the court of public opinion for taxes on sugary drinks. Consumption of sugary drinks has been scientifically proven to be a direct contributor to diabetes, heart disease and obesity. Sugary drinks are the number one source of added sugars in our diet. We are pleased that Cook County is a step closer to making a real difference in the health of its residents. Sugary drink taxes work. They encourage healthy choices, raise awareness of the damage caused by these products and reduce the level of added sugars in the diet.”


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