Healthy Food America acts on science to drive change in policy and industry practice so that all people can live in places where nutritious food is easy to obtain and exposure to unhealthy products is limited.

A major focus for us is the vast amount of added sugars in our food and drinks - a primary driver of poor nutrition and chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease. We track and translate the latest research on sugar and health and work alongside community leaders to provide resources that inform policies like soda taxes and healthy food incentives.

Fight Back with the Facts


In this issue:

  • Global study looks at the association of fat and carbohydrate intake with mortality and cardiovascular disease with controversial results
  • New research from Mexico finds that the sugary drink tax had no negative impact in beverage-related employment, refuting industry claims
  • Modelling study finds that reformulation of food products to meet certain nutrition standards could significantly reduce energy, added sugar, and saturated fat intake among Americans

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