Compare Tax Policies

The first tax on sugary drinks in the United States high enough to impact consumption became effective in Berkeley, California in 2015. Since then, each location that instituted or pursued this policy modified its own ordinance language to fit local needs, local laws, and the growing body of knowledge about this policy in practice.

You can compare tax policies across US locations using the tools below.

You can explore specific policy questions across locations by using the questions, or clicking on the locations in map view. Once cards display, you can click on § or §§ to see the ordinance text.

For more guidance about sugary drink tax policy design, please see “Best Practices in Designing Local Taxes on Sugary Drinks” by ChangeLab Solutions and Healthy Food America (released March 2016), and contact Sara Soka at Healthy Food America for more information:


This database was produced using Legal Science’s MonQcle platform. It is in beta mode with modifications still underway. If you have questions or feedback, please contact Healthy Food America’s Sara Soka at

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