Volume 1, Issue 1

We at Healthy Food America are excited to be up and running! And we’re pleased to present you with the first edition of our Research Watch – a sneak preview of the regular offerings we will provide in the weeks and months to come.

Our new organization is helping to energize a national movement for healthier food, starting with a major campaign to reduce consumption of added sugars in food and beverage products. As a key player in the movement, we wanted you to be among the first see what we’re up to.

Research Watch will be a monthly summary of key research findings on the impacts of sugar on health, and what strategies work to reduce excessive sugar consumption. Scientific evidence on the health effects of sugar and on the effectiveness of policy and other interventions to curb consumption are coming fast and furious these days. We hope Research Watch will help you stay on top of this rapidly developing body of knowledge and inform your strategic thinking, communications and advocacy work.

We’d love to hear from you! Please take a minute to give us some feedback to make this as useful as we can make it. If you have tips on research we should cover, please send them to Petra Vallila-Buchman at [email protected].

Please forward Research Watch to any colleagues you think might be interested.

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Yours Truly,

Jim Krieger, MD, MPH
Executive Director
Healthy Food America


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